Losi: RC Fuel & Fluids

Protect your RC investment by only using Losi tested fuels and fluids in your RC vehicle. Losi's products must pass the strictest testing guidelines or we would not sell them. Why so tough? Losi engineers use these products in their own RC cars and trucks and since we will not settle for less than the best, you should not have to either.

Nitrotane Fuel


Nitrotane was developed and formulated to extract every bit of power available from any nitro car or truck. Losi's nitro experts got together with the best chemists and fuel scientists in the industry to hammer out the ideal formula to protect your nitro engine while offering the most power across any engine's power band. Nitrotane is the only fuel specifivally recommended for Losi's nitro vehicles.

Fuel Accessories

Fuel Accessories

Keep your nitro vehicles running smoothly with fuel accessories from Losi. Used by top Losi drivers, the Speed-Shot fuel gun guarantees fast and precise fuel refills every time. Maintain proper tune and engine performance with replacement fuel filters and Losi's durable fuel tubing.