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The Monster Truck That Exceeds Your Wildest Expectations
All good things come to those who wait. And if you've been waiting patiently for Team Losi to release the LST, you now can get ready to cheer.
Published on Monday, July 12, 2004
How To Bulletproof the Team Losi XXX-4
We put our Triple-X4 buggies through lots of abuse to test these tricks and hop-ups, and they came away with only scratched bumpers and bashed-up wings.
Published on Monday, July 12, 2004
Indoor Driving Tips, Part 2
Horizon Engineering Manager John Adams continues his lesson with high-speed turns and starting techniques.
Published on Friday, March 19, 2004
Indoor Driving Tips, Part 1
Horizon Engineering Manager John Adams discusses indoor carpet racing in the Midwest and gives tips on practicing and learning the track.
Published on Monday, February 02, 2004
Team Losi's NEW XXX-4 Graphite Plus Buggy
How can we possibly make the championship-winning XXX-4 any better? By giving it the deluxe "Graphite Plus" treatment.
Published on Friday, November 14, 2003
Team Losi's NEW 1/18 Mini-T RTR
The Mini-T is an economically priced 1/18-scale stadium truck modeled closely after the Team Losi XXX-T platform.
Published on Thursday, October 23, 2003
Team Losi Shock Matching Tool
Vice President of Team Losi, Gary Kyes, discusses the simplicity and effectiveness of Losi's new Shock Matching Tool.
Published on Tuesday, July 01, 2003
Tire Gluing - The Right Way
This is an important job—don't worry, though; in four simple steps, your tires will be glued tightly for stay-stuck performance.
Published on Wednesday, May 07, 2003
Newbie RC Project Part 2: ESC From Alcatraz
In this installment, "ESC From Alcatraz": Learn the Good, the Bad and the Ugly about installing radio equipment, charging batteries, and actually getting the thing to run.
Published on Tuesday, June 04, 2002
Newbie R/C Project: Part 1
If anyone has any extra e-clips, please let us know. Learn the highs and lows of building a XXX-T. Get a unique perspective on kit assembly from someone relatively new to R/C.
Published on Thursday, May 02, 2002
Track Time
Car and truck racing in the United States comes in three basic varieties:
Published on Tuesday, January 18, 2000

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