Detailed Information

Team Losi’s innovative single belt drivetrain has revolutionized sedan racing. The fantastic acceleration and extended run time of this ultra efficient drivetrain has won races worldwide. Now this same combination of a National Championship winning design and matched quality components is available in an economically priced package for the electric sedan enthusiast.
The XXX-S RTR comes in your choice of three colors.

Although not manufactured in the US like the top of the line racer kits, the new LOSA0280 XXX-S Sport RTR benefits from the same direct factory involvement of the Team Losi design and development staff. In addition to the latest race proven design, the XXX-S Sport features ball bearings throughout, a powerful open endbell 19 turn motor, and is topped of with an attractive painted body with hot graphics.

Completing the RTR package is an industry leading JR computer based multi model radio system with new hi-torque servos and a GM electronic speed control that offer quality and features not found on any similar ready-to-run model. Best of all, the XXX-S Sport uses all the genuine XXX-S replacement and performance parts.

1. Race-proven, single belt sealed drivetrain

7. Easy-access spur ger and belt adjustment

2. Integrated one-piece chassis accepts stick or saddle battery packs

8. Powerful 19-turn motor with replaceable brushes

3. Molded suspension components feature interlocking construction

9. V3R Electronic Speed Control with Reverse from GM Racing

4. MIPTM CVDTM front & rear ball differentials

10. Treaded racing tires pre-glued on one-piece dish wheels

5. Easy-access front & rear ball differentials

11. Foam bumper for added protection

6. Traverse Mounted motor with lowered heat sink mount

12. Uses genuine XXX-S replacement/hop-up parts