DX3R DSM2 3-Channel Surface Radio


Notice to DX3R users about “losing bind”

We’ve become aware of several reports of the DX3R randomly “losing bind."  Investigation has led us to determine that there is a possibility, in some systems, that bind information can be deleted when switching models within the transmitter (from say model one to model two) or during power up. This issue is isolated to a small number of early radios – those with one of the following codes (last 4 digits located under the battery door ) :  0712, 0801, 0802. A quick fix is to simply re-bind the receiver. Be assured that the issue will not, and cannot, affect your RF link during operation.  If you are experiencing the “losing bind” with a radio that has one of these three codes and would like to have it repaired, please contact the Horizon Support Team at 877.504.0233. All of us at Spektrum sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.