1/8 8IGHT-T 4WD Truggy Race Roller


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Detailed Information

Race Rollers are the latest innovation from Team Losi. Combining cutting-edge vehicle design with precise, at-the-factory assembly, Race Rollers are dialed right out of the box.

What makes a Race Roller race-ready?

The 8IGHT-T Race Roller is a competition truggy chassis that has been hand assembled and tuned to exacting specifications. Each and every screw is installed to specific torque settings to maintain consistent adjustment. Additionally, every screw or bolt that secures metal-to-metal contact features threadlock to prevent backing out or loosening due to vibration. The clutch assembly is also completely assembled and ready to install on the engine of your choosing (engine not included), and the differentials and shocks are pre-built and filled with 100% pure silicone fluid. Once assembled, the 8IGHT-T Race Roller is given a complete inspection to ensure that it meets Team Losi’s requirements for durability and performance. You can be sure that your 8IGHT-T is ready for serious competition as soon as you open the box.

                            Engine and electronics pictured are not included.

1) Oversized, Threaded, Hard-Anodized Shocks

The oversized, precision-machined aluminum shock bodies are hard anodized for smooth operation and wear resistance. Threaded shock collars offer easy and precise adjustment of pre-load and ride height. Strength and durability come from the extra large 4mm diameter Titanium Nitride shock shafts.

2) Machined Premium Aluminum Alloy Shock Towers

The front and rear shock towers on the 8IGHT-T are machined from premium aircraft aluminum alloy. Several tuning positions are included to allow you to adjust the suspension to your needs. Additionally, each shock tower is strategically lightened to optimize performance without sacrificing strength or durability.

3) Sealed Differentials & Housings

Both the front and rear differentials and housings are sealed against the elements, protecting each diff from foreign matter that can affect performance and durability. The tight tolerance diff gears take better advantage of the viscous effect for superior traction and acceleration. The combination of these exclusive features makes the 8IGHT-T handle predictably without excessive maintenance.

4) High-Performance Wheels and Tires

The 8IGHT-T features an all new tire designed specifically for truggy competition. The XTT tires are pre-mounted on race-style dish wheels with foam inserts included. The large diameter wheel and low profile sidewall design result in a more predictable handling response and more control when cornering at speed. The combination of internal structure and a high-traction compound allow the 8IGHT-T to take on nearly any track conditions right from the box.