1/10 TEN-T Truggy RTR

Supporting Products › Optional Accessories

Fast Fill Fuel Bottle, 500cc

Dynamite's Fast Fill Fuel Bottle features a tight, leak-free lid and spout that allows for easier and cleaner refills.
Mini Infrared Thermometer/Temp Gun

Mini Infrared Thermometer
Nitro Force: Nitro Car Cleaner

Nitro Force is Lexan(r)-friendly and won't harm bodies or other plastic parts like gears or radio gear cases.
Losi RC Diaper/Carrier

Keep your trunk or backseat clean after a dirty day at the track
Losi Race Wrench: US 4 pc Set

Losi Tuning Screwdriver

Added bonus, no more burned finger tips
Camber Gauge

Ride Height Gauge

Car Stand: 8IGHT/T

A Losi stand for your 8IGHT or 8IGHT-T.
High-Pressure Black Grease, 8cc

3-Shoe Clutch: TEN, 810

Silicone Shock Oil, 30wt, 2oz

Silicone Shock Oil, 35 Wt, 2 Oz

Silicone Shock Oil, 40 Wt, 2 Oz

TLR Lok, Threadlock, Blue

Turnbuckle Wrench, 22,8B, 8T