5 x 10mm HD Clutch Bearings (2): 8B/8T

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The "5 x 10mm HD Clutch Bearings (2): 8B/8T" is used in the following:

XXX-SCT Brushless RTR,AVC:1/10 2WD SC Truck as a Optional Accessories

XXX-SCB Brushless RTR,AVC:1/10 2WD SC Buggy as a Optional Accessories

LST XXL-2, AVC:1/8 Gasoline 4WD Monster Truck as a Parts Listing

The Losi® LST XXL™ 2 upgrades the LST platform with a powerful Dynamite .31 cubic inch GASOLINE engine and the AVC driving system. This 4WD RC powerhouse delivers unstoppable RC experience that’s only limited by where you want to drive.