1/8 8IGHT-T 2.0 4WD Truggy Race Roller

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Metered Glow Driver with 2600mAhNi-MH & Charger

Deluxe Nitro Starter Kit

Mini Infrared Thermometer/Temp Gun

Mini Infrared Thermometer
Silicone Diff Fluid, 1000CS

Silicone Diff Fluid, 5000CS

Silicone Diff Fluid, 15000CS

Silicone Diff Fluid, 20000CS

Silicone Diff Fluid, 30000CS

Silicone Diff Fluid, 50000CS

Losi Tire Glue, Standard

Don't Risk ruining another pair of wheels and tires. Losi tire glue is the best available!
Losi Tire Glue, Thin

Losi Off-Road Tire Gluing Kit

8IGHT/8IGHT-T 2.0 Starter Box

Speed-Shot Fuel Gun

Losi Race Wrench: US 4 pc Set

Losi Nutdriver: US 4 pc Set

Losi Tuning Screwdriver

Added bonus, no more burned finger tips
Camber Gauge

Ride Height Gauge

Car Stand: 8IGHT/T

A Losi stand for your 8IGHT or 8IGHT-T.
17mm Wheel Wrench Anodized Alum: LST2, MUG, 8B, 8T

Losi Fuel Bottle, 500cc

DC Nitro Peak 3-Way Charger

MultiPro Intelligent Balance Charger w/PowerSupply

The MultiPro Intelligent Balance Charger with AC Power Supply is the only charger you need! Adapters included - $35 Value!
AC Adapter: MultiPro Balance Charger

8IGHT/T Diff Fluid Refill Kit, 2K,5K,7K Silicone

Silicone Diff Fluid, 2000CS

Silicone Diff Fluid, 3000CS

Silicone Diff Fluid, 7000CS

Shock Oil 6Pk, 17.5,22.5,27.5,32.5,37.5, 42.5 2oz

Shock Oil 6Pk, 20,25,30,35,40,45, 2oz

TLR Lok, Threadlock, Blue

Flywheel Wrench: 8IGHT