LST XXL-2, AVC:1/8 Gasoline 4WD Monster Truck

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Speedpack 2400mAh NiMH 6-Cell Flat

Dynamite Battery 1-Year Limited Warranty – ALL of our Dynamite Nickel and Lithium-chemistry rechargeable batteries are covered. See terms and conditions. (US and Canada Only)
Prophet Sport Plus 50W AC/DC Charger

.31 Gas Engine:XXL

High Performance Small Block 2-Cycle Oil, 282cc

Stainless Steel Screw Set: Losi LST-2/XXL

Dynamite LST-XXL 2 Completion Pack

On/Off Switch, JR: 8B/8T/LST2

Spark Plug Wrench: .31

Ratio Rite Measuring Cup

Body, Clear: LST XXL2 Gas

Clutch Shoe/Spring Tool: LST2/ XXL2

Team Losi now offers a handy and economical clutch tool designed to make installing and removing clutch shoes and springs on big block engines easy.
Front/Rear Sway Bar Kit: LST/2, XXL/2

Body Mounts, Extra Long: LST/2, XXL/2

Wing Mounts, Plastic: LST/2, XXL/2

Shock Cap, Aluminum, Blue: LST/2, XXL/2

Shock Shaft, TiNi: LST/2, XXL/2

Shock Spring, White 4.0 (pr): LST, LST2, AFT

Shock Spring, Yellow 7.4 (pr): LST/2, XXL/2

64T Spur Gear-Use w/24T Pinion: LST/2, XXL/2

66T Spur Gear-Use w/22T Pinion: LST/2, XXL/2

17mm Hex Adapter Set (4): LST2, MUG

Front/Rear Diff Housing: LST/2,XXL/2

17mm Wheel Wrench Anodized Alum: LST2, MUG, 8B, 8T

Wing Kit: LST/2, XXL/2