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7.2V 4200mAh Battery with Deans Connector

Pro Boat's 4200mAh battery features Deans Ultra Plug Connectors for super high currents on brushless vehicles.

At a Glance

Pro Boat adds another dimension of power to brushless electric boats with the new 4200mAh 6-cell battery pack. With an incredible 4200mAh capacity, you’ll see super fast speeds you’ve only dreamed about. Plus, Pro Boat has partnered with Deans to offer you Deans Ultra Plug Connectors. These super high current connectors will not melt, making them perfect for the intense speeds of brushless powered vehicles.


  • 4200mAh capacity offers incredible speeds for brushless and standard electric-powered boats
  • Deans Ultra Plug Connector will not melt under super high currents
  • Factory assembled with Intellect Ni-MH cells providing longer run times