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Big Battery Tray, Aluminum, XL Cells: JRX-S

Team Losi now offers the solution for putting the new breed of larger diameter batteries in the JRX-S racing sedan.

At a Glance

The LOSA4309 Aluminum Battery Tray is designed to fit the extra-large 3700 series and similar sized cells into the JRX-S chassis securely and safely. Each tray is precision machined from premium aircraft aluminum alloy and black anodized to aid in dissipating heat. The best thing about this design is that normal mounting hardware is used and it requires no modifications to the chassis. Of course, it can also be used with the current crop of popular NiMH and Ni-Cad cells as well the XL cells starting to appear.


  • Anodized aluminum alloy construction
  • Uses normal mounting hardware without modification
  • Lets racers use the latest high-capacity batteries