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JRX-S Pro Racing Sedan

Retro name. Cutting edge no compromise race sedan. The Team Losi JRX-S.

At a Glance

Team Losi is proud to announce the release of their all-new world-class sedan racer called the JRX-S. This totally new no compromise design was developed for the professional or serious racer who plans on racing in the big leagues. The cutting edge design incorporates innovative thinking, hi-tech materials and sophisticated technology as well as years of championship winning racing and thousands of laps with some of the world's best drivers and engineers. Although the name is a little retro the JRX-S is a totally new design from front to back with adjustability and features simply not found on other pro level chassis. The unique design is the only competitive chassis that is equally suited and includes adjustments critical for racing on both carpet and paved surfaces.

The ingenious design, unmatched adjustability, and superb assortment of specialty racer parts and accessories make the JRX-S the most advanced and versatile electric sedan ever offered. The serious racer can quickly and easily change between indoor and outdoor set-ups in a matter of minutes. The JRX-S includes a neutral handling Skoda body and 24mm racing wheels ready for the tires of your choice.



  • Inline center mounted battery and forward mounted motor
  • Optimized short-arm suspension with integral sway bar mounts and up/down stops
  • All chassis components pinned to prevent tweaking
  • Diffs can be adjusted up/down and front/rear for CG and belt adjustment
  • New construction two belt drive train that requires no idlers or tensioners
  • Lightweight design and construction allows ballast placement options
  • Completely adjustable roll centers, toe-in, anti-squat, castor, and camber
  • Dual position shock towers for indoor/outdoor racing
  • Center spool and one-way options
  • Machined pure Carbon Fiber/Graphite chassis and upper braces
  • All new single or double o-ring hard anodized racing shocks with Ti-Nitride shafts
  • New "LCD" driveshafts
  • Pivot blocks with ball supported floating pivot pins
  • New shock absorbing bumper and 5th body mount
  • New Outdrive cups that don't require saver rings
  • Ti-Nitride suspension hinge pins
  • Titanium Turnbuckle tie-rods and camber links

Product Specifications

Width:7.5 in

Wheelbase:10.25 in

Chassis:Carbon Fiber

Suspension:Independent coil cover

Drivetrain:Dual Belt 4WD

Completion Guides

Needed to Complete

Tools Needed:

Needle Nose Pliers
Regular Pliers
Hobby Knife


Soldering Iron(Radio Equipment)
3/16", 1/4", 5/16", and 11/32" Nut Drivers