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Sukhoi SU-26MM ARF (2 Boxes) *

At a Glance

The full-scale SU-26 is a very potent single-seat aerobatic aircraft considered by many as one of the best acrobatic planes in the world. The Sukhoi is famously known for its acrobatic prowess.

Sukhois have emerged as a family of superior aerobatic airplanes, allowing pilots to use them for world-class aerobatics competitions and exhibition shows. The majority of international contestants enter unlimited aerobatics competitions with Sukhoi airplanes, and numerous competitors have captured international aerobatic championships. Characterized by its round cowl, the Sukhoi demonstrates superior acceleration and rate-of-climb performance, excellent controllability, high level of permissible g-loads, an all-round field of view from the cockpit and unsurpassed structural integrity.

The Hangar 9 Sukhoi SU-26MM is capable of a limitless display of extreme 3D aerobatics. Designed by world-class competition pilot and designer Mike McConville, the new Sukhoi SU-26MM is constructed from durable, lightweight balsa and plywood and covered with a vibrant UltraCote® trim scheme which gives it an electric fierce look .

What sets this world-class scale aerobatic plane apart is the completely optimized design that makes this a true precision and 3D aerobatic performer. With numerous tweaks to the entire design, the 97-inch, 85cc SU-26MM masters unsurpassed precision maneuvers and excellent visual presentation. Strong rudder authority provides extreme yaw, while the absence of rudder coupling means virtually no mixing is needed for this model. The Sukhoi has low wing loading and also has exceptional aileron authority at all speeds—enabling the plane to roll fast even in extreme 3D high alpha. Using an 85cc gas engine, the SU-26MM is a high-powered scale aerobatic performer. And, due to its lightweight engineering, only one high-torque servo per aileron is needed, whereas most models this size require two.

The level of completion of the Sukhoi SU-26MM ARF is beyond comparison in the giant-scale market. Most of the high-quality Hangar 9 giant-scale hardware is included, and even installed, equaling a great assembly time savings for the modeler. The kit comes highly prefabricated with the fuel tank, hinges and control horns installed and hinge lines sealed, so you don't have to wait long to get flying. Other top-quality, durable components include a fiberglass cowl and lightweight aluminum landing gear. It also comes ready to accept canister exhaust systems. And to top it all off, a very lightweight fiberglass, helmeted pilot figure painted to perfectly match the vibrant trim scheme is included.

Other smart design features include a two-piece wing and stab that ensures convenient storage and easy transport to and from the flying field.


  • Vibrant, modern UltraCote® trim scheme
  • Only one high-torque servo required per aileron
  • Plug-in 2-piece wing and stab
  • Hangar 9 giant-scale hardware included
  • Factory-painted, lightweight fiberglass, helmeted pilot figure
  • Comes highly prefabricated and factory-hinged with control horns and fuel tank installed
  • Hinge lines come already sealed
  • Lightweight, durable aluminum landing gear
  • Sleek-looking fiberglass cowl
  • Designed by world-class aerobatic pilot Mike McConville
  • Perfect match for the DA 85 gas engine

Product Specifications

Wingspan:97 in (2464mm)

Overall Length:91.14 in (2315mm)

Wing Area:1762 sq in (114 sq dm)

Flying Weight:21.5–24 lb (9.75–10.89 kg)

Engine Size:58–85cc gas

Motor Size:NA

Radio:6 channels

Servos:6 hi-torque 180 ounces of torque (7 if using 2 servos on the rudder)

Trim Scheme Colors:Pearl Blue (HANU845), Silver(HANU881), White (HANU870) & True Red (HANU866) Bright Yellow (HANU872)

Wing Loading:28–31.5 oz per sq ft

Prop Size:24 x 10 to 27 x 10

Spinner Size:4–5 in (100–125mm)

Hardware Included:yes

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