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.31 Gas Engine:XXL

At a Glance

This high-performance gasoline engine has been designed for peak performance. Requires the use of Dynamite High Performance Small Block 2-Cycle Oil. One 282cc bottle treats one gallon of gasoline for a 14:1 premix ratio. Dynamite High Performance Small Block 2-Cycle Oil must be used in a 14:1 premix ratio with Dynamite .31 Gas Engine (5.1cc).


  • 2-Cycle Gasoline Powered Engine – Provides excellent power and longer runtimes over nitro engines
  • Conventional Nitro Engine Size – Fits multiple existing vehicles that accept Nitro big block engines

Product Specifications

Type:2-stroke Surface

Displacement:.31 cu in (5.1cc)

Bore:19.2mm (0.76 in)

Stroke:17.6mm (0.69 in)


Engine (Only) Weight:520g with flywheel

RPM Range:29,500 RPM

Fuel:91 octane with 16:1 oil mixture


Cylinder Type:ABC

Starting System:Rotary

# of Ports:7

Carb Type:Slide

Crank Type:SG

Detailed Information

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