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GRP Standard Glow Plug, #5

At a Glance

GRP Standard Glow Plugs are designed for use with GRP Non-Tuned Engines; however, they can be used with any engine that utilizes a matching standard connection. GRP created their glow plugs with various weather scenarios and racing conditions in mind. GRP standard glow plug #5 is designed for Medium temperatures. This standard glow plug comes with its own copper washer and is individually packaged in a plastic box.

Internal Filament: The internal filament of the glow plug is made using a special Platinum alloy, which guarantees maximum durability and longevity.

External Body: The external body of the glow plug is made with stainless steel to guarantee the durability of its thread, and maximum resistance to electrostatic corrosion.

Internal Insulator: The internal insulating package guarantees maximum insulation between the external body and the central pin, where the filament is welded.

Central Pin: The central pin of the glow plug is constructed from stainless steel to guarantee maximum resistance to electrostatic corrosion and high temperatures.