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Losi RC Truck Diaper/Carrier

Keep your trunk or backseat clean after a dirty day at the track

At a Glance

The RC Truck Diaper/Carrier is the ideal accessory for the racer as well as hobbyist who likes to keep things clean. The concept is simple – transport your nitro or dirty off-road vehicle without making a mess or leaving unwanted stains in your trunk or back seat. The Losi Truck “Diaper” features a rubberized leak proof pouch with an elastic edge that secures itself high around your 1/8- and 1/10-scale monster trucks. The natural bag structure that encompasses the model collects and retains any debris or mess that falls off keeping it from messing your car, carpet or house. Best of all, there are sturdy carrying straps attached with a hook and loop closure that allow you to carry your model effortlessly while keeping it level. This allows you to carry additional items at the same time without the risk of making a mess accidentally. The rubberized material is easily cleaned with common soaps and cleaners.


  • Fits 1/8- and 1/10- scale monster trucks and other large RC vehicles
  • Constructed of rubberized, leak-proof material
  • Keeps the mess and debris contained for transport
  • Easy to clean with common soaps and cleaners
  • Adam Drake approved

Product Specifications

Length:25 in

Width:20 in

Height:6 in