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6.6V 2300 Li-Ion Nano Phosphate Hypersonic Pack

Safe, durable, high power batteries for R/C vehicles

At a Glance

Hypersonic™ is a high power density battery pack safely providing up to 30C continuous output and 60C burst rates. Unlike traditional lithium-ion, Hypersonic™ packs have exceptional safety characteristics with no risk of spontaneous combustion. All component cells are UL-1642 compliant. Deans Ultra connectors are standard.

Designed for exceptional power output, durability, and safe operation, Hypersonic™ Lithium Ion is the next generation battery for the R/C market. Using a unique, patented, revolutionary lithium-ion chemistry developed at A123Systems, Hypersonic™ packs provide high performance and abuse-tolerance unmatched by any other battery chemistry.

With its ultra low-impedance design and high power capability, Hypersonic™ offers high performance and long cycle life characteristics in a robust, safe package, able to deliver up to 60C burst rates.

Hypersonic™ packs can also be connected together to create custom configurations for almost any electric propulsion application.

Experience a new level of battery performance in R/C vehicles with A123Systems Hypersonic™ Lithium Ion.


  • Inherently safe chemistry will not explode or catch fire
  • Twice the cycle life of competitive Li-poly batteries
  • 50% more power (up to 60C burst) than competitive Li-poly batteries
  • Balancing connector (compatible only with Sonic Charge (AQR400088))
  • Fast charge capable - reach 100% state-of-charge in 15 minutes using the Hypersonic ChargeSafe™ balancing fast charge system.

Product Specifications

Type:Lithium Ion

Capacity:2300 mAh


Connector Type:Deans Ultra (WSD1300)

Number of Cells:2



Length:5.31 in (135mm)

Width:1.10 in (28.0mm)

Height:1.10 in (28.0mm)

Maximum Continuous Discharge :30C

Maximum Burst Discharge :60C

Detailed Information