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1/10 Night Crawler RTR

Hit the rocks anytime, day or night, with the 1/10-scale Ready-To-Run Night Crawler. The 1/10 Night Crawler includes a radio system with Spektrum 2.4 GHz DSM Technology, solid front and rear axles with a worm-gear drive, a crawler-specific LiPo compatible ESC and heavy-duty CV Driveshafts. Whether you are new to crawling or an experienced driver, you will have a blast attacking the rocks with the 1/10 Night Crawler.


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Take a tour of the 1/10-scale Night Crawler for an in-depth look at the features of this crawler. The tour includes an overview of the 1/10 Night Crawlers chassis, detailed information on the crawlers electronics and worm gear drive, as well as a photo gallery and video footage.

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Chassis Call-Out

  1. Solid Axle with worm-gear drive
  2. LiPo compatible ESC with Crawler-specific programming
  3. Crawler-specific 540-sized motor
  4. Molded 4-link suspension
  5. Crawling high-torque metal gear steering servo
  6. Losi radio system with Spektrum 2.4GHz technology
  7. 4-inch aluminum shocks with adjustable collars
  8. Front and rear LED light set
  9. Multiple-position battery tray
  10. 3-piece 2.2-inch beadlock wheels
  11. All-metal heavy-duty CV axles and driveshafts joints
  12. 12mm wheel hexes
  13. 2.2 Losi Rock Claw™ tires with foam Inserts
  14. Direct-drive transmission
  15. Twin vertical plate chassis
  16. Zero Ackerman steering


Front and Rear Solid Axle with Worm Gear Drive

Front and Rear Solid Axle with Worm Gear Drive

The worm gear acts as a brake when no power is supplied. When power is supplied, axle torque won't throw the vehicle off-balance while climbing. A small gear assembly provides extra ground clearance under the axle housing.

Crawler-Specific, LiPo Compatible ESC

Crawler-Specific, LiPo Compatible ESC

There's no need to upgrade electronics so you can harness a LiPo's power and performance. The included ESC, with crawler-specific programming, accepts NiMH and LiPo batteriesand offers a voltage cutoff feature to protect the battery and vehicle. The simple one-touch setup and pre-wired EC3 battery connector will get you to the rocks in no time.

4 Inch Aluminum Shocks with Adjustable Collars

4" Aluminum Shocks with Adjustable Collars

The three-piece shock body design provides durable, smooth operating shocks for maximum suspension articulation without binding. These shocks are adjustable and rebuildable to ensure and maintain desired suspension performance.

Front and Rear LED Light Set

Front and Rear LED Light Set

The included, pre-wired light set is mounted to the chassis and is adjustable. Each LED will light up all four corners so you can keep crawling in to the night.

All-Metal CV Front Axle and Center Driveshafts

All-Metal CV Front Axle and Center Driveshafts

These provide superior durability to the driveline so you can handle the stresses of rock crawling. While other crawlers use plastic joints, this vehicle comes with metal CV joints and eliminates the need for expensive upgrades.

Multi-Position Battery Tray

Multi-Position Battery Tray

Lower than the competition, the crawler features a low-center-of-gravity battery tray design that allows for multiple battery typesfrom NiMH and LiPo stick packs to any of the 2.2-inch Losi LiPo crawler battery packs. Secured with multiple hook and loop straps, battery packs can be easily positioned to adjust for weight distribution.

Molded 4-Link Suspension

Molded 4-Link Suspension

Designed with the RTR crawler in mind, the 4-link setup minimizes rear axle swing and provides more precise handling. A 17-degree bend provides smooth operation throughout the suspension cycling.

3-piece 2.2 Inch Beadlock Wheels

3-piece 2.2" Beadlock Wheels

True beadlock chrome wheels, with 12mm hexes, hold the tire bead in place and let you change tires if neededall without glue. Better still, you can enjoy the style and performance of a competition rig right from the box.

2.2 Losi Rock Claw Tires with Foam Inserts

2.2 Losi Rock Claw ™ Tires with Foam Inserts

Used by the pros, these national champions will help you dominate the competition and conquer the rocks. The Rock Claw tires are constructed with Losi's blue compound and have the characteristics, grip and traction to scale even the toughest courses.

Direct-Drive Transmission

Direct-Drive Transmission

Lighter and more compact than any rock-crawler transmission on the market, direct-drive transmission provides an ultra-low gear ratio for rock crawling and metal outputs for durability.

Twin Vertical Plate Chassis

Twin Vertical Plate Chassis

On this solid backbone, the electronics and motor are mounted as low as possible to create a low center of gravity. Anodized blue for a custom look, the aluminum plates protect the electronics in style.

Zero Ackerman Steering

Zero Ackerman Steering

Designed with the demanding conditions of rock crawling in mind, the steering system provides precise control and class-leading performance. With 45 degrees of steering throw, you will turn circles around the competition.

Grappler Pro Body

Grappler™ Pro Body

The competition-legal body features realistic looks and added functionality. The narrow front and rear provide extra wheel clearance when the suspension is fully articulated and reduce interference on even the roughest courses.

Losi Radio System ™ 2.4 GHz DSM ® Technology

DSM technology offers numerous benefits over traditional systems:

-No interference or glitching, which means never having to worry about finding an open frequency, changing crystals or losing control of your vehicle.

- Losi DSM transmitters only require 4 AA batteries, making them lighter in weight and less expensive to maintain.

- A shorter, fold-over antenna on the transmitter makes travel and storage much more convenient.

Losi Radio System 2.4 GHz DSM Technology

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