iHobby 2012 Product Overview

Posted:  Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Written By:  John Redman and Gary Katzer
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With the brisk, cool weather of fall in the air, thoughts of RC-enthusiasts turn to the annual iHobby Expo. For the first time, the iHobby Expo has moved locations to Cleveland, Ohio in the I-X Center. With a new venue and exciting new ECX®, Hangar 9®, Pro Boat®, Losi®, Dynamite®, Blade® products and more, there was a lot to look forward to for 2012. We've gathered information on some of the top new products that debuted around iHobby that you're going to want to get your hands on. Let's take a closer look.

Hangar 9
HAN4540 - 1/4 PA-18 Super Cub ARF

This giant Super Cub takes the meaning of scale civilian models to a whole new level. This beautiful, ¼-scale ARF of the Super Cub has been expertly modeled in stunning detail. Almost every line and curve mirrors the real thing, right down to the shape of the fillet where the fuselage meets the vertical stab. Other scale touches include a functional bungee-type landing gear, realistic instrument panel and a full-body pilot figure. A stunning traditional white with blue trim color scheme showcases the model lines on every angle. Completely functioning flaps also give this aircraft short-field takeoff and landing abilities. The detail and depth seems almost limitless with the optional cockpit kit to bring the interior to life when you open the side doors. Everywhere you look, this model screams Super Cub. With the flight performance and recommended power packages, you'll be guaranteed perfect flights every time you hit the field.


SEA158 – Glasair Sportsman 2+2 75-91 ARF

Seagull introduces the Glasair® Sportsman™ 2+2 ARF, a scale replica of the popular monoplane. Construction is of lite ply and balsa built by expert craftsmen. The top-quality balsa/ply construction is covered in genuine Hangar 9 UltraCote® covering for a durable and easy-to-repair finish. Pocket-type hinges are preinstalled to complete the scale look. An optional Float Set and Landing Lights are also available for those looking to add even more scale detail to this great model. Designed for the intermediate to advanced pilot looking for something to stand out at the field.


BLH3535 - mCP X FAI Body

The Blade mCP X helicopter has been a staple in helicopter performance since its debut, and continues to be a “go-to” machine when it comes to performing micro aerobatics. Blade introduces the mCP X FAI Fuselage, designed with a high-visibility scheme, sleek aerodynamic lines and a lowered landing gear, giving you an FAI-style machine in a micro package.


Revolution Tool Sets
RVO2000 - Driver Set

Keeping your machine in perfect order is easy when you have the right tools, and you'll find none better that this collection of Revolution® tools. The Revolution 4-Piece Hex Driver set includes 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0mm hex drivers in a durable case that will easily fit into any toolbox.

RVO2001 - Nut Driver Set
Keeping your machine in perfect order is easy when you have the right tools, and you'll find none better that this collection of Revolution® tools. The Revolution 3-Piece set includes 4.0/5.0/5.5mm nut drivers in a durable case that will easily fit into any toolbox.

RVO2002 - Screw Driver Set
Keeping your machine in perfect order is easy when you have the right tools, and you'll find none better that this collection of Revolution® tools. The Revolution 3-Piece Phillips Driver set includes #0/#00/#1 Phillips drivers in a durable case that will easily fit into any toolbox.


ECX0800 - Revenge Type e

The ECX™ 1/8-Scale Revenge Type e™ electric buggy has been designed for the first time RC car consumer to be successful right from the box. It also holds true to the ECX heritage and provides entry-level surface enthusiasts with a rugged and fast, yet affordable 1/8-scale buggy. The Revenge Type e buggy comes locked and loaded with a 4-wheel drive power system that was developed to handle even the most abusive of drivers, while the Spektrum™ 2.4GHz radio system includes the waterproof SR200 receiver, waterproof electronics and 2500Kv 550-size Dynamite® Fuze™ brushless power system.

ECX0801 – Revenge Type N
ECX fuels your RC passion with the 1/8-Scale Revenge Type N™ nitro buggy! Utilizing a similar design as the Revenge Type e™ buggy, the Revenge Type N has been designed for the first time RC driver who enjoys the sound of a powerful nitro engine. The Revenge Type N features a Dynamite® Mach™ 2 Sport .21 engine, Spektrum™ DX2e 2.4GHz radio system including the waterproof SR200 receiver, waterproof electronics, SpeedTreads™ Watch Dog™ tires and much more.

ECX1100S – Circuit Stadium Truck

ECX ups the ante with several updates to their popular Circuit™ Stadium Truck. First up is a new 2.4GHz radio system that provides you with extended range and less interference. Next is something that many ECX drivers have been asking for, and that is waterproofing. Part of the waterproofing package is a new ESC that has been designed to be more robust and user-friendly. The ESC, battery and charger have also been updated with high-current EC3™ connectors. ECX also improved the included charger to a 2A output peak detection charger. This not only reduces your downtime between charges, but ensures your batteries are charged more safely and completely each and every time. Finally, the Circuit features more durable drive shafts to better withstand the rigors of off-road driving.  As always, there are two different color schemes for the Circuit, each with a different part number.

ECX2100S – Ruckus Monster Truck

Get into the world of RC monster trucks with the durable, fast and waterproof ECX™ Ruckus®  monster truck. The Ruckus has received a number of updates to increase both performance and durability. To better handle the extra weight of a monster truck, the Ruckus now features a Dynamite® 15T motor, previously available only as an optional part. Driving the motor is a new waterproof ESC with high-current EC3™ connectors.  The Ruckus also includes a 2A peak detection charger and 1800mAh Ni-MH battery. Control is provided by 2.4GHz radio system that provides you with extended range and less interference. New heavy-duty drive shafts are also standard equipment, designed to handle the extra power of the 15T motor. The ECX Ruckus is available in two different trim schemes with separate part numbers for each.

ECX3100S – Boost 2WD Buggy

Now loaded with a 2.4GHz radio system, 2.0A 1 hour peak charger and waterproof electronics, the ECX™ Boost™ 2WD buggy provides entry-level enthusiasts with features typically found in much higher priced models. No other vehicle offers the array of features at this low of a price point. ECX has updated the popular Boost 2WD buggy with features that drivers have been asking for. A 2.4GHz radio system eliminates frequency conflicts and provides a solid connection to your car. A new waterproof Dynamite® ESC features high-current EC3™ connectors, and a waterproof receiver and servo to add to the enhanced durability of the Boost. An 1800mAh Ni-MH battery and 2A peak detection charger help to provide the juice to propel the Boost to impressive top speeds. The Boost is available in two different colors, orange and white and blue and white.

ECX4100S – Torment Short Course Truck

The ECX Torment™ SCT has been one of the best handling, most durable, beginner-friendly short course trucks since its debut. Somehow the ECX engineers have found a way to make a great truck even better. The Torment adds in features aimed right at the first-time RC driver to make sure you are successful and have a great time. The motor has been upgraded to a 15T Dynamite® motor, increasing both acceleration and top-speed. Short course trucks are often run in the harshest environments and the Torment is up to the task with new waterproof electronics. To also help withstand these environmental challenges, new heavy-duty drive shafts have been designed to transfer power from the slipper clutch-equipped transmission to the Dynamite SpeedTreads™ tires. Waiting for batteries to charge is a bummer, but a new 2A AC peak detection charger reduces the charge time to under an hour. The Torment comes with the choice of one of two different scale short course truck trim schemes that look great and make it easy to see your truck in a crowd.


LOSB0109JS - 1/10 Twitch XXX-SCT RTR

Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg is arguably one of the most popular and influential modern action sports stars. A multiple X-Games gold medalist in freestyle motocross, Twitch has developed a reputation for being capable of some of the most extreme stunts. Twitch now spends more time in the cab of a Pro 2 short course truck in the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series. He is a consistent driver with a substantial fan following and Losi is proud to build on their relationship with this talented driver by announcing The Limited Edition 1/10-scale XXX-SCT RTR. This truck is a XXX-SCT to the core, but based on Jeremy “Twitch" Stenberg’s full-scale Pro-2 short course truck trim scheme. Featuring a 2WD, ROAR-legal short course chassis, aluminum oil-filled shocks, a Li-Po compatible ESC, Losi® radio system with 2.4GHz DSM® technology and two fully-decorated licensed bodies, the XXX-SCT is comfortable as a basher with plenty of power and durability in the backyard, as well as right at home on the track, living up to its XXX-platform heritage. As a bonus, the XXX-SCT will also include the original #54 Stronghold truck licensed body.


Pro Boat
PRB0300 – 17" Miss Geico RTR
PRB0400 – 17" Impulse RTR

The Pro Boat® 17-inch Geico RTR catamaran and 17-inch Impulse™ deep-v RTR represents the true meaning of "fun". Brought to you by a global leader in RC boating, these 17-inch boats offer a ton of fun and come loaded with features typically found in larger, higher priced radio control boats. The 17-inch Miss Geico and 17-inch Impulse come fully ready-to-run and includes a pistol grip style transmitter using 2.4GHz technology, a Dynamite® 2.0A peak charger, 7.2V Ni-MH Speedpack™ battery, water-cooled Dynamite 380-size motor and a FWD/REV electronic speed control. If you're looking to get into radio control boating or simply looking for something to do at the lake with your free time, look to the new Pro Boat line of 17" models to bring the fun of RC boating to your local pond or lake.

DYN4300 - 200Wx2 Multi-Chemistry, Dual ACDC Battery Charger

The Dynamite® Passport™ Ultra Duo represents the pinnacle of premium, high-performance chargers.   The one of a kind Ultra Duo is the ONLY 400W (200W X2) charger on the market with an AC power supply.   This means extremely fast charge times thanks to the ability to charger at higher C rates. You'll also get the full gamut of charge capabilities, including the ability to charger virtually all battery types, digital dot matrix display and easy-to-use job dial navigation.

DYN4103 - 50W ACDC Passport UltraLite Handheld Charger
The Dynamite® Passport™ UltraLite 50W AC Handheld charger is far more than just your standard 50W AC charger. Yes, it can charge & balance 1–3S Li-Po batteries, but that's just the beginning. The UltraLite is a one of a kind RC Multi-Tool. It boasts four high intensity LED lights in order to illuminate your workbench or pit area and a 1A USB charge port that can be used to charge a smartphone, tablet, MP3 player or any other USB charge compatible device. Its unique case design also makes it easy to hold in one hand while manipulating charge settings, while the pre-installed "kickstand" allows the charger to be positioned vertically or hung. Additionally, the charger has a built-in battery voltage checker allows users to check individual Li-Po cell voltages to verify pack balance while charging another battery pack or when the charger is turned OFF. All these feature are easily monitored thanks to the backlit digital dot matrix display.

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