How To Rebuild Your Losi Bottom-Filled Shocks

Posted:  Thursday, November 19, 2009
Written By:  Gary Katzer
Copyright:© 2009 Horizon Hobby, Inc.

There are some things that are just traditional "Losi." One of those items is the traditional Losi bottom-filled shocks that made their debut way back in the late '80s on the original JrX2 buggy. These shocks are silky smooth when built properly, however, they do require a slightly different building process than a top-filled or bladder shock. We've rescued a Losi 1/10-scale Desert Truck from an abusive situation where it had been run repeatedly into a curb at full speed. The damage is minor, simply a bent shock shaft and broken A-arm, but we're going to use this opportunity to show you how to rebuild and bleed your Losi bottom- filled shocks. 

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