How-To: Properly Equip Your Losi 1/10-scale Comp Crawler

Posted:  Thursday, May 14, 2009
Written By:  Gary Katzer
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Front and Rear Swaybars LOSB2221

It can be argued that few vehicles have been as widely anticipated as the Losi 1/10-scale Competition Crawler. With Richard Trujillo leading the charge there’s little doubt that this will go down as one of the most capable crawlers ever produced. To help get racers up and running quicker the 1/10-scale Comp Crawler comes out of the box as a Race Roller. This time-saving step gets you up and running more quickly than a similar kit; however, you’ll still need some basic running gear to tackle that rock trail that sits there, mocking you, taunting you, egging you on to see if you’re driver enough to conquer it. With the gear you find below we’re sure you’ll find that those rocks will regret ever questioning your ability. We’ll divide up the suggested gears into three categories: Casual, Intermediate and Hardcore.

Novak Rooster Crawler EditionCasual
Novak Rooster Crawler Edition

If you’re looking to stay with brushed motors yet are looking for a reliable piece of equipment that will provide smooth throttle response, the Novak Rooster Crawler ESC is worth a look. This speed controller comes pre-wired with industry-standard Tamiya battery connectors and bullet-style motor connectors. The Rooster Crawler Edition also comes with a built-in LiPo cutoff, a necessity when running
LiPo batteries. Other key features include
waterproof construction, 6-volt/5-amp BEC to
drive today’s popular digital servos, and
one-touch setup. 

Novak GoatIntermediate
Novak Goat

Not sure if you want to go brushed or brushless? Want to go brushless but you have brushed motors you’d still occasionally like to use? Then check out the Novak Goat. This capable ESC can handle down to an 18.5-turn brushless motor or a 27-turn brushed motor. It also features renowned Novak features such as one-touch setup, LiPo cutoff, water-resistant case and much more. 

Losi Sensored Brushless ESCHardcore
Losi Sensored Brushless ESC

If there are two things you need in rock crawling they’re torque and smooth throttle response. The Losi Sensored Brushless system delivers just that thanks to its intuitive software that allows you to customize your throttle, brake and deadband profiles. And unlike other ESC’s the programming software, cable and adapter are all included right in the box— there’s nothing else to buy.

Novak 55T Brushed MotorCasual
Novak 55T Brushed Motor

Rock crawling is more about precise control and torque than pure speed. This is why many of the most successful rock crawlers use very high-wind motors. Novak’s 55-turn Brushed Crawler Motor yields exceptional torque and long run times for a brushed motor. This is a great motor to start with if you don’t want to invest in more-expensive brushless motor systems.

Losi 21.5 Brushless MotorIntermediate
Losi 21.5 Brushless Motor

If you’re serious about crawling then you’ll want a serious motor, and the Losi 21.5 Brushless Motor was designed from top to bottom with durability and performance in mind. Losi’s sensored design proves precise throttle control and smooth power delivery from the first squeeze of the trigger while the aluminum can helps to dissipate heat quickly and efficiently. 

Losi 17.5 Sensored MotorHardcore
Losi 17.5 Sensored Motor

When you’re looking for that little extra “oomph” to get up and over those tricky obstacles the Losi Xcelorin 17.5 Sensored motor provides the extra rpm and torque to get the job done. Featuring adjustable endbell timing, removable sensor harness, sintered rotor and solder tabs for your ESC wires, this is a truly capable motor.

2-Cell 3300mAh 20C Crawler LiPoCasual
2-Cell 3300mAh 20C Crawler LiPo

If you’re looking for a quality LiPo without breaking the bank then the Losi 2-cell 3300mAh pack is worth a look. Featuring a very high 3300mAh capacity this pack delivers exceptional run times. Additionally the 2-cell LiPo will make your crawler slightly easier to drive when just starting out. Please note that this pack will require you to solder on your own connectors and may limit the shock mounting
positions you can utilize due to the overall
footprint of the pack. 

1350mAh 3-Cell/3S 11.1V 20C Pro LiteIntermediate
1350mAh 3-Cell/3S 11.1V 20C Pro Lite
V2 LiPo

The 1/10-scale Comp Crawler is designed from the ground up to use LiPo battery packs. Thunder Power has manufactured some of the finest LiPo batteries for quite some time that deliver exceptional performance in just about any application. The Pro Lite V2 packs provide even better internal resistance than the first generation cells while also shaving off unnecessary weight. This pack will require that you solder on your own connectors but does come equipped with a balance connector.

Losi 11.1V 1350mAh 3S 20C LiPoHardcore
Losi 11.1V 1350mAh 3S 20C LiPo

The Losi 3-cell 1250mAh LiPo was designed around the 1/10-scale Comp Crawler, eliminating issues that may crop up when trying to install other LiPo packs. When you’re looking for performance and punch with minimal installation effort, the Losi 3-cell Crawler LiPo fits the bill perfectly.

JR Z650M

Torque and holding power are the two most important considerations to look at when selecting a servo, and the JR Z650M provides both those things in abundance. Featuring a robust 142 oz of torque the Z650M will help you get your wheels turned in the right direction and hold them there under the harshest conditions. The Z650M also includes metal gears, ball bearings and gold-plated connectors for enhanced resilience and durability. 

JR Z4800T

Enjoy digital performance at an analog price with the JR Z4800T. Based on the digital Z8800T, the Z4800T delivers 162 oz of torque with a respectable .16 second transit time. This servo is more than capable for turning and holding your wheels in the proper direction as you navigate practically any obstacle course. Much like the Z650M the Z4800T features gold-plated connectors, dual ball bearings and metal gears. 

JR Z9100T

When you’re looking for that precise feel and refuse to compromise, then look no further than the JR Z9100T. Everything about the Z9100T screams toughness, from its red anodized aluminum casing, dual ball bearings, metal gears; and don’t forget the 370 oz of torque either! If you’re serious about rock crawling, then you’ll want a serious steering servo in the JR Z9100T.

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