Preview: Losi LST XXL Monster Truck

Posted:  Thursday, March 26, 2009
Written By:  Gary Katzer
Copyright:© 2009 Horizon Hobby, Inc.


  • Type:4WD Monster Truck

  • Length:23 in (589mm)

  • Width:18.5 in (470mm)

  • Wheelbase:15.3 in (391mm)

  • Weight:13 lbs (5897g)

  • Engine:454 Nitro Engine

  • Radio:Spektrum™ DX3S with built in telemetry

Losi has quite a reputation when it comes to the world of RC monster trucks. From its first entry into the genre, the original LST, Losi did things a bit bigger, a bit faster and a bit differently. Since that initial release there have been four trucks (five if you count the Muggy) released using one variation or another of this durable platform. With a third generation monster truck Losi continued the theme of doing things bigger, faster and differently. The result was something bigger than we've ever seen from Losi­- the Losi LST XXL. With a longer stance and bigger engine than Losi has ever utilized in any vehicle before it, the LST XXL breaks new ground in a number of areas.

We managed to catch up with Andrew Ziegler from Losi to get some more insight regarding this latest monster. Andy spilled the beans on how the LST XXL came into being, how the on-board telemetry system made possible by the included Spektrum DX3S radio works, the details behind the massive Losi 454 engine and much more. He also shared some great tips and tricks on how to best get your truck up and running, along with keeping it running.

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