Hit the road running with Losi's Speed-T

Posted:  Wednesday, April 02, 2008
Written By:  Gary Katzer
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Kickin' it into High Gear

What's one question everyone asks about an RC car or truck? "How fast does it go?", of course. It's easy to make a car or truck travel at a high speed; simply throw a big motor and huge battery into a vehicle and, voila, you’re there. This is an impractical approach, however. A vehicle with this sort of engineering probably won't handle well, will have limited durability, or will be so expensive to get up and running that it becomes impractical. The Speed-T from Losi tackles these obstacles in a number of innovative ways to create a package that anyone can enjoy easily.

Chassis Overview

Top view, sans bodyAnyone can strap a brushless motor into a vehicle and call it a day. Not so with the Speed-T. A lot of thought and engineering has gone into this new truck. The engineers at Losi used the XXX-T CR—one of the most-proven racing platforms on the market—as their basis for the Speed-T. This chassis has been successful in its many incarnations, whether it was winning National Championships or serving as the basis for one of the best RTRs on the market. The suspension itself has been refined and optimized to best handle the extreme power and speeds that the Speed-T will be reaching.

Rear view, sans bodyWhen traveling at high speeds, a high center of gravity (CG) can cause excessive chassis roll and hamper the overall performance. The Speed-T features a lowered CG to enhance its stability and make it feel more sure-footed at speed. To help lower the truck, all-new front and rear shock towers were developed. Dampening is provided by new blue-anodized threaded body shocks. These shocks feature shorter, threaded bodies to assist in lowering the ride height and stance of the Speed-T.Top, front view, sans body To improve the durability and precision, the front and rear suspension mounts are made out of aluminum. The Speed-T is more than capable of pulling the front tires off the ground when you hit the gas. While definitely cool, this could pose a problem if you try to take a corner and the wheels are in the air. The truck is just going to keep going straight. This potential problem has been solved with a cleverly designed wheelie bar that has been outfitted to the motor guard. If need be, you can easily remove it for off-road running.

Losi Xcelorin Brushless System

Losi Xcelorin Brushless SystemBrushless motors provide exceptional torque and top speed, and Losi’s Xcelorin™ series of brushless gear was the perfect choice for the Speed-T. Beyond the obvious benefits of brushless technology, brushless motors make it easier to get into RC without requiring some mumbo-jumbo black book of motor secrets to get the speed out of the motor that you desire. The Speed-T comes with the 4800Kv variety of Xcelorin motor bolted to the motor plate. The motor comes equipped with dual shielded ball bearings that support the rotor. The power wires all use thick-gauge wire and gold-plated connectors for maximum current flow and efficiency. But all that power wouldn't be much good if you couldn't properly deliver it to the ground and ended up just smokin' your tires. The ESC that the Speed-T comes equipped with provides exceptionally smooth power delivery throughout the entire throttle curve. The result is that more power gets from the wheels to the ground efficiently with minimal wasted energy. Speaking of efficiency, the Xcelorin speed controller includes preinstalled low-loss EC3 connectors that won’t melt or distort, as lesser connectors can under extreme current flow. The speed controller is set up with a number of great features right out of the box to take the performance even further. The preprogrammed drive profiles let you determine the throttle curve and responsiveness to unlock the true potential of the Xcelorin brushless system. It only takes a few minutes to select from Beginner, Sport and High Performance profiles. For those of you who really want to further tune the speed control's potential, the Speed-T includes a Quick Programming Card. With this amazing little card, you can program the speed control's voltage cutoff for Ni-MH batteries, as well as 2-cell and 3-cell Li-Po batteries, adjust the motor timing, vehicle speed, drag brake and much more. Best of all, you won’t need a Ph.D in ESC programming to do it.

Losi MTX Radio System with Spektrum 2.4 GHz DSM Technology

Losi MTX Radio System with Spektrum 2.4 GHz DSM TechnologyA truck this fast needs a radio system just as fast and reliable, and the Speed-T comes equipped with a phenomenal one. Losi has equipped the Speed-T with their awesome MTX Pro transmitter with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM technology and receiver. The MTX Pro eliminates the need for crystals and provides exceptional control and responsiveness. The MTX Pro includes tuning options normally reserved for more expensive and complex radios. While some radios in its class may offer basic endpoint adjustments for throttle and steering, the MTX Pro takes that one step further. The endpoints have been broken out between each axis providing separate endpoint adjustment for left and right wheel movements, as well as throttle and brake trigger movements. This sort of fine-tuning allows you to get the Speed-T dialed in to suit your exact driving style. Rounding out the electronics package in the Speed-T is the steering servo. With any vehicle, having a precise and reliable servo will help you feel more in control and help the truck track straighter at speed. Losi didn’t skimp here, as the Speed-T includes a digital steering servo. Only a digital steering servo could provide the speed and torque that a 65 mph truck needs while also providing top-notch resolution.

Wheels, Body, and Tires

Wheels, Body and TiresAnyone who follows full-scale motorsports will understand the effect that aerodynamics can play on a vehicle’s performance and handling. The Speed-T features an aggressively styled and slammed body that performs well and looks awesome. The low-profile body reduces aerodynamic drag by wrapping around key chassis components such as the front and rear shock towers, providing a low drag design that cuts through the air. Getting the power to the ground is crucial to handling. The street-style Road Weapon tires provide exceptional grip on asphalt and concrete. The Road Weapons come premounted to all new chrome Spokz street-style wheels. In the event that you’d like to take your Speed-T off-road, the Speed-T is fully compatible with all existing XXX-T wheels and tires.

Top Speeds

Top SpeedsIt's called the Speed-T for a reason, as it's been designed to go fast right from the box. The Speed-T is incredibly versatile, thanks to the ability to use four different battery configurations. Unlocking the Speed-T's true potential and taking it from mild to wild is as easy as swapping battery packs. With a standard 6-cell battery pack, you can expect to reach 40 mph or up to 45 mph with a 7-cell. You can even use the latest generation of Li-Po batteries with the Speed-T. A 2-cell Li-Po battery should push the 50 mph barrier, while the 3-cell Li-Po will exceed that and approach 65 mph.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking to set your own personal land-speed records or just looking for a fast, fun and reliable truck, the Speed-T should be high on your list. From the Xcelorin brushless system, MTX Pro radio with Spektrum technology, superior chassis performance and more, the Speed-T delivers everything you could want and more.

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