How-To: Hop-Up Your Losi Micro Desert Truck

Posted:  Monday, March 10, 2008
Written By:  Gary Katzer
Copyright:© 2008 Horizon Hobby, Inc.

Capable of being driven on a wide variety of
surfaces, the Losi™ Micro-Desert Truck is a
certifiable hit. This is one little truck whose
performance exceeds its diminutive size over and
over again. In typical Losi fashion, the Micro-Desert Truck
comes as a complete RTR - even the AA batteries for the radio and
battery charger are included. Speaking of which, yes, a peakdetection battery
charger is even included, leaving you nothing else to buy to get up and
running. While your initial reaction to an RC vehicle
of the Micro-Desert Truck's size may be that it's a toy, it's anything but.
The Micro-Desert Truck includes a fully digital-proportional radio
system, providing the ultimate in control. And for those of you
who can't leave well enough alone, you can also go gonzo with
aftermarket option parts to truly set your truck apart from the rest.

Losi 1/36 Micro Desert Truck RTR

You don’t have to live out West to get a taste of full-scale desert truck running. The 1/36-scale Micro-Desert Truck™ from Losi™ offers true desert racing style in a micro-sized package that’s just under six inches. Tackle everything from the carpet to the driveway, as the Micro-Desert Truck offers the same award-winning features that made the Micro-T™ one of RC's most popular sellers. Its speed and handling are sublime, anchored by a fully independent suspension, diff-equipped transmission and powerful factory-installed motor. In fact, everything you need to pound some sand straight from the box is included such as a osi 27MHz AM radio system, electronic speed control with reverse, Ni-MH battery pack, quick charger and 16 AA batteries.

Losi Aluminum Front A-ArmsAluminum suspension components add strength and rigidity in areas where a molded part may break. A number of Micro-Desert Trucks are sure to land in the laps of those who have never driven an RC vehicle of any sort before. Often, new drivers can resort to "driving by feel," meaning they run into any and every stationary object they find. The aluminum front arms are a more durable component than their molded counterparts are. However, the energy from a crash has to be transferred somewhere, which is why we also recommend….

Blue Anodized Front Suspension Mount

Blue Anodized Front Suspension MountThe aluminum front suspension mount further bolsters and reinforces your truck. As mentioned, the energy from an impact has to be transferred somewhere. When you install the aluminum front arms, you are removing a possible point where that energy could be released (when the A-arm would break). That energy would then be transferred to the suspension mount, which could potentially fracture under the stress. The aluminum suspension mount shakes off the impact like it never happened. It's anodized in Losi Blue to match the front arms and add some style points to your truck.

Wheel & Hub Ball Bearing SetYou can easily and inexpensively make you truck faster and smoother by adding Losi's full ball bearing set to your truck. The kit includes enough bearings to replace all the bushings in your truck, which should take about a half-hour to complete. The shielded ball bearings spin more smoothly than the stock plastic bushings, which will reduce drag on the motor, in turn increasing your top speed and run time.

Front and Rear Threaded Axels

Front/Rear Threaded Axle SetThe Micro-Desert Truck comes with axles that use e-clips to keep the wheels on the axles. While effective, it can be a pain to change out wheels and tires. On top of that, e-clips always seem to fly out of sight at the least opportune time, sending you on your hands and knees in a pointless search for what feels like a microscopic clip. The threaded axles make your life much easier by allowing you to use a locknut to retain each wheel. Installation only takes a few minutes—perhaps the best time investment you'll ever make on your truck.

Front and Rear Springs

Front Shock Spring SetFor those of you looking to smooth out the ride of your truck, the Losi micro spring sets are must-have items. Each set includes three pairs of color-coded springs to help you get dialed in as quickly as possible. It doesn't get much easier than this to improve the handling and performance of your truck, and, conveniently, there's a separate set for each end of your vehicle.

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