Losi Micro-Desert Truck Review

Posted:  Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Written By:  Gary Katzer
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The Losi 1/36-scale micro trucks have taken the world by storm since their introduction in 2006. The latest Losi Micro-vehicle, the Micro-Desert Truck, tweaks and massages the Micro-T platform into a new and exciting vehicle.’s Surface Content Editor Gary Katzer has spent some time behind the wheel and at the workbench with this tiny terror and shares his perspectives.

Losi 1/36 Micro-Desert Truck RTR LOSB0233

The Losi Micro-Desert Truck offers big fun in a very tiny package. You can fine tune the Micro-Desert Truck with a wide variety of genuine Losi performance parts or have a blast running it box stock.

Why it rocks:
Completely Ready-to Run
Deceptively fast and maneuverable right out of the box
Available in Red, Blue, or Silver

Losi Front Pivot Block Set, Aluminum: Micro-T/B/DT LOSB1535

Losi’s aluminum front bulkhead adds strength and rigidity to the front end of your truck. If looks and style are important to you, you’ll love the blue anodizing that graces this piece

Why it rocks:
Stronger than the stock plastic piece
Gorgeous blue anodizing
More precise hinge-pin holes eliminate potential slop

Losi Rear Hub Set, Aluminum: Micro-T/B/DT LOSB1531

The Losi anodized aluminum rear hub carriers offer the same improvement in strength and \rigidity to the rear of your truck as the front pivot block set adds to the front end. The aluminum hubs are perfect replicas of the stock hubs, but stronger.

Why they rock:
Precision crafted
Better rear bearing alignment
Terrific appearance

Front Shock Spring Set (3Pr): Micro LOSB1600 Rear Shock Spring Set (3Pr): Micro LOSB1601

One of the easiest ways to improve the handling of the Micro-Desert Truck is to swap out the stock springs with Losi’s front and rear spring set. Each set includes three pairs of springs of different rates that are color coded for easy identification.

Why they rock:
An inexpensive way to drastically fine-tune the handling of your truck
Color coding makes identification easy
Fits all Losi 1/36-scale micro vehicles

LiPo Charger & Battery: Micro-T/B/DT LOSB0862 LiPo Battery: Micro-T/B/DT LOSB0863

The stock battery pack and charger work well and provide good speed and runtimes, but the LiPo Charger and Battery pack combo makes it easy to increase both your runtime and top speed. Once you purchase the battery and charger, you can simply purchase additional battery packs as you see fit.

Why it rocks:
All-in-one purchase
Pre-wired with correct connectors
Compact charger design

1/36 Xcelorin 8750 Kv Brushless Combo LOSB9594

Brushless motors provide improvements in both top-speed and runtime. The Xcelorin brushless system includes both a speed control and 8750Kv motor.

Why it rocks:
Easy and budget-friendly way to add speed to your truck
Available as a combo or separately
Losi quality

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