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Posted:  Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Written By:  Jim Booker, Gary Katzer
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International iHobby Expo 2007, Model Trains, RC, Cars, Boats, and more!

Every fall, the focus of the RC industry shifts to Chicago, IL, and the Donald E. Stephens convention center for the annual iHobby Expo. Manufacturers from around the globe attend this show every year to display the latest and greatest gear you’re going to need for the up-coming months and beyond. Once again we’re bringing the iHobby experience to you here on with our exclusive inside look at hot products from Losi, E-flite, Spektrum, Pro Boat and many more. Don’t forget to check back soon as we will once again be providing video footage and interviews from the floor of iHobby 2007.

  iHobby Expo New Air Releases

E-flite Blade 400 3D RTF Electric Mini Helicopter EFLH1400 E-flite Blade 400 3D RTF Electric Mini Helicopter EFLH1400

We all hoped E-flite would add a bigger Blade to its lineup and now the Blade 400 has arrived in an RTF format with a new Spektrum DX6i radio. It is totally assembled so you just charge the batteries and fly. This size heli is capable of handling outdoor weather but can still be easily flown in large indoor areas like gymnasiums whenever you have the chance. The Blade 400 is a full 3D-capable heli and introduces a perfect new radio for this type model—the DX6i. You get the benefit of the DX6i’s advanced DSM2 protocol that provides a locked-in, solid response that will let you fly even the most demanding 3D maneuvers with absolute precision, and the frequency freedom to fly whenever you want.

Spektrum DX6i Full-Range Radio System SPM6600Spektrum DX6i Full-Range Radio System SPM6600

The 6-channel DX6i uses the same full-range DSM2™ technology found in the Spektrum DX7 and includes an impressive list of programming features for both airplanes and helicopters that are simple to access and use. It comes with the new AR6200 DSM2 6-channel receiver that is robust enough to use in large models yet compact enough fit in many park flyers. The DX6i is also compatible with all existing Spektrum aircraft receivers. Whatever kind of flying you do, the DX6i can be adapted to most any model in your existing collection that requires 6-channels or less.

JR X9303 2.4GHz Spread Spektrum Radio JRP2910JR X9303 2.4GHz Spread Spektrum Radio JRP2910

2.4GHz has brought a whole new dimension to RC flying and now the JR X9303 is the only full-featured 9-channel 2.4GHz system with DSM2 technology. It includes features like ModelMatch, Smart Safe and ServoSync. No other 9-channel radio does this. With the security of Spektrum’s 2.4GHz technology—DSM2—the X9303 is a breakthrough, giving you the level of security you expect when flying any of your models, from indoor foamies to outrageous jets.

AT-6 Texan 25 ARF EFL4500AT-6 Texan 25 ARF EFL4500

There are some airplanes that have special appeal to RC model airplane fliers. The AT-6 Texan is near the top of this list. This one is a perfectly sized ARF using a 25-size electric motor and including great detail with retractable landing gear. This kind of detail is not usually available in an ARF model of this size. Just about everything has been done for you before you even open the box. All that’s left to do is a few hours of final assembly and radio installation. When you’re done, you have a fantastic flying scale warbird that looks like you scratch-built it yourself. Put this one on your winter building list.

Taylorcraft 450 ARF EFL2625 Taylorcraft 450 ARF EFL2625

Like the AT-6 Texan from E-flite, the new Taylorcraft 450 ARF is another subject RC modelers just have to fly. This ARF is a lightweight, scale parkflyer constructed of balsa and plywood. It’s a docile, easy-to-fly model but because it is a replica of the clipped wing version, it can perform aerobatics such as loops, rolls and inverted flight. This model comes highly prefabricated so you can get in the air in as little as 3–4 hours. All of the control surfaces are factory-hinged and the tail wheel assembly comes installed in order to save you time. Some scale details such as the pre-molded side windows make installation easy, and durable aluminum landing gear gives solid ground handling and allows for takeoffs from less than perfect runways.

Funtana 300 ARF EFL1150Funtana 300 ARF EFL1150

The lightweight, flat-foam Funtana 300 model improves upon other similar designs in the market with improved stability and strength. Compared to its competition, the Funtana 300 Profile is easier to assemble and utilizes high-quality construction and manufacturing techniques so this plane can be flight ready in as little as 3 hours. Also contributing to the Funtana 300’s extraordinary performance is its lightweight Depron foam construction and carbon fiber support rods. These attributes, along with the built-up foam fuselage, make this Funtana sturdy enough to hold its own in up to 10 mph wind, as well as fly indoors.

B-25J Mitchell ARF HAN4450B-25J Mitchell ARF HAN4450

The B-25J Mitchell ARF is Hangar 9’s first twin-engine warbird. The first thing to notice is the amount of scale detail incorporated into this model. It has radiator scoops, gun turrets including .50-caliber gun packs, split functioning flaps, optional retractable landing gear and a great overall “appearance.” All of the control surfaces are factory-hinged to save the modeler time during assembly. Its light wing loading gives it remarkably gentle flight characteristics. In flight it’s guaranteed to take your breath away on those low strafing passes.

Sukhoi SU-26 ARF HAN1225Sukhoi SU-26 ARF HAN1225

The new Sukhoi ARF from Hangar 9 is one very interesting 33% airplane. The level of completion of the Sukhoi SU-26MM ARF is considerably higher than other giant scale models on the market. Most of the high-quality Hangar 9 giant-scale hardware is included, and even installed. The kit comes highly prefabricated with the fuel tank, hinges and control horns installed and hinge lines sealed, so a builder doesn’t have to wait long to get it ready to fly. It also comes ready to accept canister exhaust systems. A very lightweight fiberglass, helmeted pilot figure painted to perfectly match the vibrant trim scheme are all included with the Pitts.

Divo 3D Profile ARF EFL1125Divo 3D Profile ARF EFL1125

The Divo 3D is also designed by Quique Somenzini and is engineered to perform very slow-speed 3D precision aerobatics. The biplane design not only provides crisp roll response, but it gives the Divo 3D superb slow flight stability so you can fly high-alpha 3D with authority. Carbon fiber reinforced Depron foam construction gives the solid, precise in-flight feel of a balsa profile plane but without the weight. This makes it possible to fly the Divo 3D outside in breezier conditions that would keep most other profile foamies grounded. And, there are two colors available—giving you the option to choose your trim scheme.

Piper Pawnee 15e ARF EFL2650Piper Pawnee 15e ARF EFL2650

Here is one model plane we have all thought would be very cool and is basically unlike anything else in scale models. The E-flite Piper Pawnee is an easy-to-assemble balsa and plywood ARF model of Piper’s premier agricultural aircraft. It possesses extremely gentle flight characteristics comparable to the ever-popular Piper Cub. It is the perfect plane for less experienced to moderately experienced pilots. It also includes plenty of scale detail for the discerning modeler. This almost-ready-to-fly plane copies the exact outline of its full-scale counterpart—no modifications were made to its original shape. The model includes a detailed cockpit with instrument panel and a molded pilot’s seat; the factory-painted fiberglass cowl really sets this model off.

SE-5 Slow Flyer 250 ARF EFL1925SE-5 Slow Flyer 250 ARF EFL1925

E-flite's S.E.5a Slow Flyer 250 is an electric, semi-scale version of the famous WWI fighter. A vacuum-molded foam fuselage keeps weight to a minimum while also contributing to the great scale looks. The biplane design affords low weight as well as substantially reduced wing loading for a more majestic type slow flight, and the ARF design means a shorter build time. Specifically designed for use with an E-flite Park 250 Brushless Outrunner Motor, the S.E.5a is a fantastic flying foamie with outstanding slow speed characteristics.

Enticement F3-P Profile ARF EFL1175Enticement F3-P Profile ARF EFL1175

The Enticement has extraordinary performance due to its very lightweight, laser-cut Depron foam construction, carbon fiber support rods and a carbon fiber firewall. The optional SFGs (Side Force Generators) and speed brakes facilitate extremely slow flight. It is capable of competition-level performance, thanks in part to its unique design that eliminates flex so control response is crisp and precise. Its lightweight design is focused around E-flite’s Park 250 BL Outrunner Motor, having a great power-to-weight ratio for top aerobatic performance.

JR Vibe 50 3D Pro Heli Kit JRP9550 JR Vibe 50 3D Pro Heli Kit JRP9550

The JR Vibe 50 is an evolution in high performance 3D helicopters but in a smaller package. It brings you lots of interesting features that have been developed to bring heli flying to the highest 3D performance levels. A dual-stacked frame, as in the 90-size Vibe, plus a new narrow-profile fuselage gives it rigidity and low drag in flight. It also features the latest servo setup layout of 120/140 CCPM that provides very precise control.

Nitewatch Aerolite 2 Rescue Heli SPJ1200Nitewatch Aerolite 2 Rescue Heli SPJ1200

Learning to fly electric helicopters should be fun, not frustrating. The Nightwatch 2 from SPARC! makes learning to fly a breeze, yet provides enough control that you won’t get bored. The Nitewatch 2 features a durable foam body that shrugs off light impacts and harsh landings over and over. The Nightwatch looks great as well thanks to its complete LED rescue lights, landing gear with rolling wheels, and included helipad that doubles as a display stand. Getting started and flying couldn’t be easier thanks to the included batteries for the 3-channel radio, rechargeable flight battery and wall charger.

Arrowhead Attack Chopper SPJ1300Arrowhead Attack Chopper SPJ1300

Command the skies with the SPARC! Arrowhead Attack Chopper. The Arrowhead features a durable foam fuselage that has been decorated with Marines logos for added authenticity. Its twin blade design provides ultra-stable flight characteristics and easier maneuverability. After you charge the included battery you can fly forward, steer, and climb or descend via the 3-channel transmitter. The Arrowhead's realistic military trim scheme—complete with nose turret and non-functioning wing-mounted rocket launchers provide a scale look for added excitement.

Saito FG-36 (220G) Gas-Powered Engine SAIEG36Saito FG-36 (220G) Gas-Powered Engine SAIEG36

The RC industry’s foremost manufacturer of glow 4-stroke engines has introduced its first gas-powered engine, the Saito FG-36. This engine is the gas equivalent of the 220 glow engine in terms of size and cost, and yields 36cc of power. Above and beyond the advantages of a 4-stroke gas engine, this is the engine for those who like to run clean and efficient engines. With the precision craftsmanship expected of Saito and the distinguished look and cool 4-stroke sound, this is one engine many of you have been waiting for.

Zenoah 26cc Electric Ignition Gas Engine ZENE26AEIZenoah 26cc Electric Ignition Gas Engine ZENE26AEI

You asked for it; you got it. The Zenoah G26ei is now the second electronic ignition engine in the Zenoah line. It brings a 10% reduction in weight—that's six ounces lighter than the G26 engine with magneto. The electronic ignition makes the hand start even easier as well as providing smoother transitions and better idle. The G26ei is perfect if you're looking for a trouble-free engine to power your 1.20- or 1.50-size plane flight after flight.

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