The Monster Truck That Exceeds Your Wildest Expectations

Posted:  Monday, July 12, 2004
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All good things come to those who wait. And if you've been waiting patiently for Team Losi® to release a monster truck, you now can get ready to cheer.

The included Dynamite Mach .26 pulls nearly 3hp, with equates to huge jumps and 40 mph flat runs.
No crystals. No waiting for a frequency. The JR XS3 has state-of-the-art technology that includes 6-model memory and a separate button for use with nitro trucks that have reversible transmissions.

The LST RTR is the most advanced monster truck you've ever seen. This combination of big-block nitro horsepower and the ingenious design of Gil Losi, Jr. and the world-renowned Losi engineering staff is bigger, stronger and faster than any other monster truck, jam-packed with high-performance racing features that set it apart from all the competition.

For instance, the rugged Mega Shock long-arm suspension lets the LST aggressively assault the type of terrain that other monster trucks can't handle. Based on Losi's race-proven design, these extra-large shocks handle the biggest bumps and jumps, while giving an unmatched ride over the roughest surfaces. The exclusive Multi-Speed transmission offers manually selected high- and low-gear ranges that provide stunning pulling and climbing power not available in any other RC vehicle, with optimized high-range gearing for impressive all-terrain performance.

For pure power, the LST comes with a potent Mach .26 engine, a high-tech power plant with a slide carburetor, generous porting, oversized finned head and a full aluminum race-style tuned exhaust system that supplies a supple balance of stump-pulling torque and top speed. Whether you're climbing rocky inclines or laying rubber across the flats at 40 mph and more, the Mach .26, which pulls nearly 3 hp, strives to impress. It's a breeze to start too; just push a button, and the handheld rotary starter is ready to go.

And to make sure you keep constant, precise control of your LST, JR's included XS3 synthesized FM computer radio system provides crystal-free convenience, so you'll never have to wait for an open channel. It's got 6-model memory, plenty of pro-style digital racing features like throttle and steering expo, and two JR Z-590 metal-gear steering servos equipped with independent servo savers that provide superior control on any terrain at any speed. No other monster truck offers handling this sharp and turning this tight.

This is the monster truck that exceeds your wildest expectations. It may have taken a while to arrive*, but we're sure it was worth the anticipation.

*Dealer availability may vary. Online availability expected in October '04.

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